Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brown Rice Moisture Shampoo – Let it Snow No More

Ever since I can recall, using anti-dandruff shampoo has been synonymous to wearing contact lens for me. From Guard ZO 7 plus to Head & Shoulders and even Clear - these shampoos made me relish life minus the unsightly existence of flakes (or at least managed, that is) on my scalp. But then again my abusive usage of hair products during my teen years didn’t help much either. Fact is I am a bonafide devotee of Aqua Net Extra Strong Hold during my high school years. At exactly 6:30am, I would gladly inhale all the chemicals to pave way to a more important raison d'être (reason) - a hair that could endure all typhoons. And, mind you, when freshly sprayed; this primeval hair product can also be an effective trap to flies hovering atop your head. The original 2 in 1 product!

But the spotlight does not belong to the defunct Aqua Net; instead let’s focus our attention to a gift I received 2 Christmases ago.

When I first saw it, it was like an item more appropriate to be racked at the kitchen shelves. Why? Because the shampoo I received is called, Brown Rice. Second look, it seemed to be a body lotion. At closer look, it is a shampoo after all (Duh!)

But let me tell you; this shampoo proves that it is not all about packaging and presentation (at this age and time). There are still products out there solely relying on what it has to offer inside. Since using the product, I let it snow no more. And to think using Brown Rice shampoo 2 years ago was more of, “what-the-heck-let’s-try-it” moment. I feel that the shampoo is also gentle on my scalp and prevents hair loss.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I am giving it a fierce score of 3.5. The demerits were not because of the product; but because of the grammatical errors wrapped around it. If you own a bottle, take a moment to read the label. Be warned however - a lot of what’s written totally doesn’t make sense. Only the product does.

Thanks Ivy and Monna for introducing the product to me. Indeed a fab find and a fierce one!

Other info:

- Price ranges from 400 to 500 Philippine Pesos.
- Bottle is 520ml/18.3 FL OZ (Pump Type)
- I buy at Rustan’s Makati
- Agency is HYSSOP PHIL. ENT
- Made in Korea

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tires with Plastic Covers - why?

Pardon my ignorance but I really have no idea what is happening here.

I don’t know with you but I am really curious to know - what is the point of covering your car tires (all four of them) with plastic and seal it with packaging tape?

Along with friends during the long break from work, we saw this odd-looking van parked outside their condominium. Out loud ,we all made guesses that would put reasons to why the tires were covered with plastics.

1. New tires and they don't want dirt in it? (opinion is very Jessica Simpson!)
2. The parents were out of the country and they made sure kuya (Brother) will not use it? (probably but very barrio-tic)
3. They don't like dogs pissing on them? (they can still! duh)
4. vehicle will not be used for a while so they protected the rubbers from heat? (too scientific!)
5. They painted their mugs hot pink? (can be true if owner were gay!)
6. Or the owner just totally lost it? (My comment of course!)

We all get to finish our cigarettes but not the riddle.

But knowing me - I really need to know!

We asked the guard on duty and he was really a big help (so we thought), "Sir, matagal na poh yan jan eh. di ko alam". (Sir, it's been there for a while. I don't know).

We can't blame him, of course - it is not his duty to answer such questions. Besides, there is thinking involve so let's not pressure him.

We left instead and drove in silence still not knowing why all tires were covered with plastics.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been a contact lens user for 18 long years already. Literally I can claim that almost half my life, I know the discomfort a contact lens user experiences just to avoid wearing glasses. From the protein and dust my eyes collected the entire day sometimes causing irritation to the uneasiness of having dry eyes because of extreme temperature in our surroundings.

But amidst these, I still prefer to wear contact lenses - I like complications, REALLY!

Probably you will agree that one of the worst thing that could happen to you is when you have your contacts on whilst you are on a holiday trip and you suddenly forget to bring your contact lens solution with you.

Yup! This happened to me 2 weeks ago. And who came to the rescue - My close friend who for some reason is not really a regular contact lens user but has a solution with him (ever reliable). I am not even sure if he brought his contacts because I never saw him on it.

Disclaimer - This is not a paid advertisement. I am purely sharing an excellent experience with the solution I borrowed and eventually asked my friend if I can have it. Yes, I am the diva of cheapo!

The solution is called OPTI-FREE REPLENISH by ALCON.

What makes it different from my previous solutions is the fact that I really feel fresh and replenished when I wear my contacts on. With my old product, I felt some bumps (not always 'though) whenever I wear my contacts and had to eventually remove and wash it again. Troublesome if you are rushing for work, really! But what really made the difference is the moisture I get all day long. Before I had to apply lubricants due to dryness, but with Opti-Free Replenish, it feels like your contacts were moisturized the night before.

I have only used the product for 2 weeks but I guarantee that I will make the big switch. I also have no idea what the ingredients are, all I care about is that the product makes my eyes feel good all day long.

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The Original Supergirl of Philippine Cinema - Pinky Montilla

Share Over lunch today at Petra and Pilar (location below if you are interested), I suddenly remembered this superhero film that I saw when I was a kid. I remember seeing it on Channel 9, ("The Leader", was their old slogan). But since I was in a table packed with Y Generation crowd, I had to turn to my only dependable X Generation friend, Ivy. Guess what?! She knows what I was blabbing about - while the "younger ones" (let's give it to them) were all bemused on how passionate I was telling the mysterious movie in my head.
"Pinky!", Ivy blurted.
"Yes!" I exclaimed.

We were both in rapture simply by knowing someone else who has seen the old superhero motion picture. For years already I have asked around people if they have seen "Pinky" - the superhero who after biting her ring turns to Supergirl. What answer do I get?

"My gawd! what is that?", "Huh? you must be really old." Some even thought I was referring to Zarda.

Obviously I stopped asking around about the said movie. Oh well until today, again.

Was it a black and white movie? We can't remember! All we could remember was, the late actor, Ike Lozada, joined the packed of villagers who became a possessed-like creature. Back then if you raised your arms and closed your eyes, you are expected to be a zombie already. Not much make up or prostetics required - but a LOT of imagination and logic. Life was so much simpler then even in the Cinemas.

But the highlight of this movie was when supergirl had to defeat the giant frog. Why frog? I don't know! My only conclusion now is back then the frog was so misunderstood and feared - or simply because of lack of imagination from the author.

No matter how unimaginative and funny the movie appeared nowadays, the 1973 movie (I saw the re-run of it, okay! And I am not that old!) gave a lot of kids like me joy. Joy like a kid nowadays probably experience when they dabble their PSPs and other pricey gadgets.

If you totally do not understand this literary, it is understandable. Only a true X-Generation boomer knows Pinky and how she single-handedly defeated a giant frog. It is just bad you haven't witnessed a superhero fly like a paper cut being dragged on a stick. Really fierce!


(1) Petra and Pilar, Jaka Center Building, 2111 Chino Rocess Avenue, cor Exportbank Drive, Makati City / Telephone number 8875166 / 8935531 (They serve to-die-for kare-kare during Fridays).

(2) Thanks to my Y-Generation friend, Monna, for the materials.

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