Monday, January 26, 2009

The Journey of Bebe Gandanghari...


She created a media frenzy at the NAIA Terminal 1 by announcing that Actor Rustom Padilla is dead! As a result of his "timely" departure, Bb Gandanghari takes over the limelight.
I first saw BB when she was interviewed on StarTalk (GMA 7) - and boy was I really shocked! Yes, he (Rustom) already announced to everybody he is gay (thru ABS-CBNs PBB, March 2 2006) ; but little did I expect that he will take it to this level.

His bold decision surely raised some eyebrows even to the extent of his morality being smeared. Garnering comments like: "He's gone loony!", "What was he thinking?" and questions even his new persona is not willing to answer. May be not now.

But the tide is NOT entirely against him (count me in, pls), really. There are those counts of people who salutes him for his bravery and for facing who he really is - A brave lady named Bebe Gandanghari.

BB's celebration of his new-found life will surely not be followed by the closeted gays in the Philippine entertainment. However, his honesty to himself brought him to heights other gay men will never achieve in their lifetime.


poledward on April 17, 2009 7:48 PM said...

I love this blog..ngayon ko lang toh nabasa...Galeng galeng...=)

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