Friday, December 18, 2009

Anne Curtis - Singing Live and Fearless!

And the biggest mistake I did was to finish the entire segment hoping there will be some redemption in the end!

Her dreams came true but we will be forever tormented by it...

Fearless indeed...

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Home Decor Blogs -

Share If you are not aware, I also blog about Home Decor. I guess it's my love for colors and balance that made me blog about this - not to mention my passion in interior decoration.

My articles are here:

Challenged with Small Space

The Doors

Color Your World

A Magic Carpet Ride

In Search of the Perfect Center Table (Series)

What You Need to Know When Looking for a Table Lamp

In Search of the Perfect Center Table (Week One)

Decorative Candles to Add Sparkle to Your Room

How to Spice Up You Hallways

Fake Windows Anyone?

Living Room Makeover in Jiffy

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fierce Find - Paw Parazzi (Grooming and Pet Supplies


Here is another Fierce Find that I can share - Paw Parazzi .

It's about time for our four-legged friends to be pampered.

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My New Blog Domain -

Share I finally did it!

It's been probably 2 months already that I have been thinking whether or not to purchase my own blog domain. Well, I have decided and went for it.

After 3 day, my blog site will now be

So, what will change? Nothing really major. My blog site will still be called "Fierce Blogs." Well, except that blogspot was only removed from the my domain name.

I guess by doing this, I am officially an Internet dork. In a fierce way that is...

May the Fierce be with you!

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Enrico - Fierce Blogs...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blogger Coconuter Finds it "Natural" for Manny Pacquiao to have an affair


I was blog hopping this morning and came across Coconuter's blog about Manny Pacquiao. The blog is all about the heroic accomplishments of the boxer and the pride he brings to our country. But then again, the blogger touched a very sensitive topic concerning morality.

Well... this is all about the alleged affair the famous Filipino boxer is having with Krista Ranillo (who is she, by the way) . I will not however dwell on that since Fierce Blogs is not about showbiz etc.

What really intrigued me was the comment made by Coconuter:

"Until something materializes, as he said in his Cotto post-fight interview, he plans on taking a break, getting some rest, and having some fun. I guess I would assume that this would involve time with his family and also time with his reportedly new flame--Krista Ranillo. To me, I can empathize with Manny regarding this issue, and I think that as long as he takes care of his responsibilities then he should not be restricted of his liberties. I find the situation quite natural and the instinct innate in the human male. I believe that it gives Manny added inspiration, motivation, and/or pleasure in his life, which is something that we all need in life to keep going. Thus, I feel that the media should just let it be."
(Blog here)

Honestly, I read it 3 times just to make sure I really got the message right. I sure did!

Fierce Blogs comments on Coconuter’s views...

This is a classic example of the double standards we have in our society. It is but natural for fathers to fool around for as long as their function in their family is performed (crappy crap crap!). But then again, let's say.. the acts were reversed, the woman is just simply... IMMORAL . No questions, no defense and no way out of trouble.

Fierce blogs is not taking sides. Fact is, it should never be morally accepted to both sexes . If it is going to be acceptable to either, then let's all forget about the sanctity of marriage and promote living in set up to the children of the world.

To consider this act of men as innate in nature is lame and simply an excuse to rationalize one big ugly behavior." If committing adultery is something that will keep the male population inspired and motivated in life, I only have one thing to say... God save the Queens!

May the FIERCE be with you!

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My Friendster Account - Should I Delete or Not?! (Series)

Share This has been my question for sometime already...

For some reason I could not decide whether to delete my account in Friendster or not. In fact, I have not accessed it for almost 3 months now. Unlike before, it was my means to re-connect with old friends and relatives domiciled abroad. But now; I really do not see the point of keeping it active.

Reason to keep it?
  • Before Facebook, Multiply and all of these social networks emerged, it was only Friendster. Back then it kept us close to those people distant to where we are. Loyalty I guess.
  • I started blogging because of this site realizing how easy it was to connect with people.
  • There are still this few friends who are somewhat loyal to the site and prefers not to open an account with Facebook.
  • Commentaries from close friends that are fun to read again and again.
Why I should delete?
  • It is now very boring.
  • It is full of porn. Its site moderation is very poor!
  • Most users are unpleasant and
  • Spam! Spam! Spam!
  • It features got stuck in the 90's.
  • Layout makes me yawn.
  • I dont think there's goung to be an upgrade happening very soon.
  • Does not really attract web traffic for my blog.
  • Friendster is full of posers...
Will all of these being considered, I am giving myself a week to decide whether I will delete my account or not. If I eventually decided to keep it, then I should be active again and use it.

What do you think?
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fierce Blogs - New Blog Banner

After sometime, my new blog banner is now available.

Well, obviously this is not my work because of the heavy artistry involved. My new banner was created by my friend, Charley. The concept was mine but of course execution of colors and layout came from the artist. Overall, the artist was able to capture the essence of my blog theme - fierce with humor.

If you would like to hire the artist, you can get in touch with him thru this email address -

Final Blog Banner

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Enrico - Fierce Blogs...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Irene Cara - Out Here On My Own

This song is one of my favorites for many reasons - melody, lyrics and artistry.

I guess I miss the songs I grew up listening to. Lyrics back then were so rich. Singer are really singers and not "celebrities". Records are sold because of musical brilliance versus today's publicity and marketing antics.

I am such an old school!

Video here.

- Thanks to bsedits for the video upload in YouTube.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ice Cream Ad Gone Wrong!

I don't know about you but there is really something wrong with this picture! When I saw this ice cream ad, my stomach churned and I felt like getting sick.

I guess this is just one of the million things that have changed over the years, huh? Print ads have gone a long way from gorgeous celebs showing skin and what have you. This time they want to show the "other side of life"...

Those on a diet, you now have a reason to forget ice cream.

God save earth!

Thanks Ros for the photo.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fierce Blogs Turns 1 – Happy Birthday!


Exactly 1 year ago a blogger friend encouraged me to create my own blog site instead of just blogging for other sites (,, etc). Honestly I thought the idea was really crazy! As it is, managing my time in the office plus going out with friends afterwards can be laborious already. The last thing I need is to add more pressure and deadlines to what I already have.

But obviously my friend talked me out of it and I have no regrets.

Conceptualizing the theme of my blog wasn’t really hard. I knew what I wanted at that time in terms of content. All I needed was a catchy and up-to-date adjective - nothing serious but spiky that will leave a mark to the readers! Then came the birth of “Fierce Blogs”.

My first ever blog here is about the crappy commercial of Piolo Pascual. I got quite a number of comments from readers that made me realize the importance of blogging mainstream topics. Something people can relate to so they can comment. That is why Fierce Blogs is categorized into three: A. Fierce Finds, B. Review and C. Travel.

A. Fierce Finds

This is where I feature products that are new and old in the market that I find worth sharing to readers. I purchase the product, use it and observe. Once it passes the mark of Fierce Finds, comes the blogging part. Since then, Fierce Blogs received a number of Product Review request. I decline most particularly those not falling to my comfort zone.

B. Review

Fierce Blogs review anything in general: from services, food, products, people and etc. The goal is to make sure establishments are aware of the faulty or good services they provide to us – the consumers. We deserve nothing but the best, ONLY!

C. Travel

Since the blogger travels whenever his schedule allows, places and experiences are shared. Again, the travel blogs here are reviews of places, restaurants and overall experience. This is where majority of my blog traffics and comments are coming from.

After a year, Fierce Blogs made a lot of friends – BUT MORE & MORE ENEMIES, really! Fact is… the blogger does not really mind those casual cursing and negative comments from his readers. For as long as the purpose of the blog is achieved, the site does not really mind comments coming from cyber morons here and there

Thank you to all my readers!

Now this is the part where I become showbiz.

Thanks to the following sites:


Fierce Blogs Found Empadana Avenue – Homemade Empanada of Bulacan


On my way home last week, the service driver asked me if it was okay to drop by a store before bringing me home. Since it was early and I was in a cooperative mood, I nodded and gave him a quick smile.

Apparently he was hungry and wanted to get a quick fix for breakfast. He stopped by in front of this humble store selling empanada. The store is not that posh-looking and all but there’s something to it that made me check the scene. Well, I didn’t just check it really; I bought a box full of empanada for breakfast too!

Facade of Empanadad Avenue

I ordered 3 pieces of tuna and 3 pieces of chicken. Their empanada costs Php12.00 each ($0.20 each).

How was the experience? I love it and it’s another fierce find I can share to you guys. A single empanada will already satisfy your hunger because it’s not all-crust. Once you bite it, you will notice that your empanada is not about "a crust filled with air" (like others). You are really eating what you bought. No drama and hullabaloos - just a simple and delicious empanada for you to enjoy. And what I love above all, their empanada is not oily like most.

Mang Ed Ordering

Other flavors are ham and cheese, bacon and cheese and pork.

Empanada Box (6 pieces)

You can visit them at P. Binay Street (corner Dela Rosa Street) at the back of SM Hypermart South Super Highway extension. Or you can call them at 889-5769 for special orders. Unfortunately they do not deliver for the lazy people out there.

Another fierce product revealed

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog Ranking and Other Statistics

Share I came across this website during my usual blog hopping activity. This web tool is really interesting and helpful for those who are really serious about their blogging.

The website is called Cubestart. What it does is calculate the statistics of your website - worth, page views, your revenue and a whole lot more. Even if out of pure curiosity, you can have your website analyzed.

It is as simple as typing your complete URL where the "Enter URL" bos is. Allow 5 to 10 seconds and you'll have your data.

I would like to share mine. My page stats is not much really. A lot of work needs to be done.

Fierce Blogs' Result

You can eventually check he progress of you blog site and see if your hard work is already paying off.

Good luck on your stats results.

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