Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where is my star?

It has been a while since I tried to appreciate nature around me. And it has been a while too since I last stared at the sky above me at night. With a cigarette lit, I noticed how empty the sky is – no stars, no clouds, only pit darkness clasping my cold arms from a distance. This state saddens me in many ways as if the sky embodied my fortitude. Where did all the stars go? I wonder if the stars will ever go back to bestow glitter it once did when I was a kid; this I wonder as I inhaled more smoke inside my lungs. It felt better for a while as if there is no pain. Only a fool can fool himself, they say. But I’d rather be a fool than to let the tenderness in me show.

Where did all the stars go? Are they on the other side of the sky where life is filled with hues? How can I get there? Is it by a few steps or by a mile from where I am? I remember being there ages ago. It was warm, accepting and gentle. I was there being cared for.

Where is my star? Let me reach it with my bare and trembling hand. Is there enough time to wait or time was whipped unknowingly?

Is that my star? This I asked a stranger. With a pale look the stranger answered, you left them for my taking. They now glitter for me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Piolo Pascual in Speed Babad Commercial – What’s up With That?

So I thought I was missing a lot by not watching the TV for almost 2 weeks, I don’t think so!

After seeing the new commercial of Piolo Pascual (in full, mind you!) for “Speed Babad”, I was totally convinced that there is a good reason for not turning my TV on. I mean, what was Piolo (or his manager) thinking? I have nothing against the artist or the product, but in my opinion, the 15-seconder, detergent commercial took away a LOT from debonair – PRIDE (advertising not intended)!

It was really an awful commercial - my whole face was completely distorted because of stern discomfort. I wonder if Piolo is even convinced he pulled it off? Can he even bear watching the commercial and not scratch his head because of utter disappointment? I wonder…
Certainly Piolo and his camp have rationale for accepting the project (please do have!). Whatever the reasons are, there is only one message clear to me – the production involved is underestimating the aptitude of the buying-market to mull over a good product vis-à-vis a pure, strategic marketing campaign.

Without a doubt this commercial went overboard in conveying that celebrity can effectively endorse almost any merchandise out there. Probably even a putrefying piece of meat can suddenly look fit for human consumption just because a “certain somebody” says its yum.
If there is any consolation I can reap from the entire commercial, the jingle has a good recall - A recall that will completely remind you (again and again) that once upon a time, you saw Piolo Pascual washing his own clothes with Speed detergent as he serenades the women around him.

Not Fierce at all!
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